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Brow and Lash Tinting are BACK!

Eyebrow and lash tinting ARE BACK thanks to a change in MA law! As shown here on model Cara Delevingne, tinting brows or lashes can have a dramatic effect on your look making brows and lashes fuller and more youthful. Here's some info on the process for you to check out...

What is Lash + Brow Tinting?

It’s a safe, easy way to define your eyes and overall look (and even save a little time in the morning) by making eyebrows and eyelashes darker. Thinning or light-colored brows become more defined, grays are covered, and eyelashes appear longer and fuller without any cosmetic products.

For these semi-permanent hair darkening procedures, dye or tint specifically formulated for use on eyebrows and eyelashes is applied carefully by our licensed estheticians with a small brush. Eye pads are placed underneath eyes, and lash tint is applied while eyes are closed. There are options for all hair colors, ranging from a natural filled-in look to dramatic brows on fleek. A black tint is common for lashes regardless of hair color, but other options include light brown, natural brown, black-brown, and blue-black.

What do you mean it’s ‘back’?

Due to state regulations implemented in 2001, lash and brow tinting services could not be performed in Massachusetts. These regulations have now been lifted, provided that services are “performed only with products manufactured for the purpose of tinting, coloring, or dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes and according to best practices in compliance with the standard of professional care” (Division of Professional Licensure Policy Bulletin). Check!

Is it safe?

Yes. Our estheticians are highly trained, skilled, and place the utmost importance on safe and hygienic practices. Prior to your service, your esthetician will explain the inherent risks of this or any cosmetic procedure, and make sure you aren’t experiencing any conditions that render you unable to receive services.

Why get Lash + Brow Tinting?

If you fill in your thinning, light-colored, or graying brows, brow tinting is a time-saving solution. Darkening your brows can also give you a new, bolder look. Or perhaps you’d like your eyelashes to appear fuller and longer without mascara or eyelash extensions. Lash + Brow Tinting is an easy, cost-effective, and quick way to enhance your natural look.

How long do the services take?

Brow tinting takes up to 15 minutes, and lash tinting on its own takes up to 30 minutes, but services can be done together in 30 minutes.

How long will the tinting last?

Color will last for 4-6 weeks, though it will fade over several weeks. We all have a natural hair shedding cycle and lose 3-5 natural lashes daily. Re-tinting is recommended every 3-4 weeks for best results.

Can I get lash tinting if I have eyelash extensions?

Yes. Lash tinting will darken the roots of your top lashes, as well the entirety of your lower lashes, for the appearance of bright, open eyes and even thicker and fuller eyelashes.

How much does it cost?

Eyelash and Brow Tinting:

Brows $25.00

Lashes $40.00

Brows and Lashes tinted at the same visit $50.00

Come visit us today at Daryl Christopher Salon & Spa! Schedule an appointment for a brow and lash tint, and notice the difference it makes to your look! You'll be glad you did!! Call 781.890 9211. Hope to see you soon!

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