Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Keratin Treatments, infuse natural keratin protein into the hair shaft making hair stronger and reduces Frizz.

Best when added directly over a hair color service. Can be applied to all hair types. Longest lasting results

occur when DC Keratin shampoo & DC Keratin conditioner are used daily.


Keratin Complex Smoothing* $380 & up

Lasts  3 to 5 months. Hair can be washed after 72 hour


Keratin Express Blow-out $205* & up

Lasts up to 6 weeks


Keratin Treatments are not hair relaxers and do not contain strong, harsh chemicals.

With continued Keratin Treatments, hair becomes softer, healthier and becomes easier to blow-dry.

* An additional charge is added for long and thick hair that will require additional products to be used.


To schedule a consultation or an appointment for a Keratin Treatment, please call 781.890.9211; not available for online booking. 


Hair Conditioning*

All conditioning begins with a DC natural botanical cleansing washing technique, including a scalp massage, activating select pressure points to relieve tension and stress. Individualized prescriptions are recommended for the treatment of damaged hair. Condition daily for beautiful, healthy hair, our crowning glory!


Hair Facial 30 minutes(requires heat) $35

A wellness, organic hair treatment that contains pure vitamin C and E. This extraordinary conditioner will remove toxic build-up in hair from medications taken, unwanted minerals in water, chlorine, excess hair color or any substance coating the hair. After this treatment your hair is left shiny, healthier and prepared for color or chemical services.


Deep Penetrating DC Indulge Hair Masque        $25

Aveda Botanical Dry Remedy                           $35

Aveda Botanical Damage Remedy                    $35

Custom Leave-in Protein/Moisture Vial               $45


*All conditioning treatments are offered with a complimentary relaxing scalp massage.

SHINE Treatment $25 15 minutes

Step into your next day with the SHINE treatment we all's healthy, silky, and oh so shiny; AND it's done in 5 minutes processing time!! It's a quick and easy Aveda hair conditioning treatment that adds shine instantly, locks in hair color, conditions your hair with its 93% naturally-derived ingredients. 

Scalp Treatments

Pramasana Scalp Express  10 minutes  $20

Scalp Facial Pramasana  30 minutes  $55

Pramasana cleanse, exfoliate, custom masque, hot towel, leave-in protector

designed for scalp health.

Fine and Thinning Hair*

Invati Scalp Treatment   $30

Invati Scalp Remedy   $45

*All hair treatments are offered with a complimentary relaxing scalp massage.

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