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Balancing health and beauty is our main focus to help you live your happiest and healthiest life. It’s creating a space where you can feel free to prioritize self-care and beauty into a retreat with one objective: You come first.


Pioneers in Wellness

We are celebrating 40+ years of hair, nails and skincare since August 1980. Our founder Angela, named "Lady Dye" by the Boston Globe, and "Salon Owner of the Year" by American Salon Magazine is our visionary. Our salon & spa has won over 10 "Best of Boston" awards by Boston Magazine. Now, proudly an Aveda Lifestyle salon & spa, we consolidated our three award-winning salons & spas into one location in 2016, after 25 years on Newbury Street and in Wayland. Named after Angela's two children, Daryl Christopher has provided naturally-inspired health and beauty secrets for over four decades helping women and men relax in an atmosphere that renews a sense of self, balancing beauty and health.

Let’s Talk

You talk, we listen! The most important service offered is the complimentary 
consultation. We need to know your history, what works, what hasn’t worked , your concerns. your lifestyle, how much time can you commit to and  what results you are expecting.

We will offer you solutions. Together we will create a plan before we start any 
service. Our goal is your complete satisfaction and a most memorable experience.

Experience the Difference

With over five decades of expert hair color experience, Angela knows how to mix the perfect color. “Vibrant or soft, an experienced colorist makes a dramatic difference in achieving the best hair color results time and time again  - there’s no substitute for experience as our clients want and get the best”. Choosing a healthy, safe color from our DC experts will improve the way you feel about yourself. It’s not a dress rehearsal, we only have one life, make it the best with color., our greatest fashion accessory.

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Experience IS The Difference

Your visit to Daryl Christopher isn’t just another mani-pedi, facial, or cut and color.  It’s a celebration of what you need to look and feel your best at any age. Our clients expect more than a service, they expect an experience. They crave quality results (hello, radiance!) and bask in the award-winning expertise of our select staff.


We’re in love with what we do and how we do it—our goal is to ensure you’re 
in love with it too.

Health Is Beauty

Healthy hair is beautiful hair. Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Healthy nails are beautiful nails. That dewy glow you’re after? Its secret is found in your overall 
health. Nature’s gorgeous gifts continue to impress our clients and we thrive on showing women the beauty and health benefits of using natural and organic products without toxins. Life’s greatest gift is the gift of good health


Kindness Is Always In Style

Kindness Is Always In Style

Kindness looks good on everyone. At Daryl Christopher, it’s the one accessory that survives all of the shape-shifting business trends. And we wear it well, every single day. We were built on giving, sharing, and encouraging women with better beauty choices to enhance every moment, from the simple to the sublime. A genuine smile, “hello,” and “how are you” aren’t lost — you’ll find them right here.

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