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Single process, Roots only ​$ 90

A permanent hair color application that lightens, deepens or changes the pigment of hair   color. It covers gray hair. Re-growth must be maintained monthly.

Color Glaze/Toner without add'l color service $85

Natural non-ammonia gloss/toner applied to add color shine after color application. Seals in moisture, prevents fading and protects hair shaft.

Color Glaze/Toner added to Color Service $55+*
NEW! Vibrants Pure Colors*

A vegan, pure pigment demi non-permanent color; washes out after 20 washes, using only special Aveda shampoo/conditioner a must to maintain color!

vibrants colors with single pure color  $160

vibrants colors with added second pure color  $180

vibrants colors with added third pure color  $190

vibrants color streak  $30 each 

Full Balayage Hair Painting*


full balayage single color  $185+

full balayage with added second color  $195+

rising star balayage single color  $100+

Partial Balayage Hair Painting*

partial balayage single color  $145+

partial balayage with added second color  $155+

Full Paper Highlighting*

Includes highlighting hair with a gentle herbal lightener or custom hair color. Selected strands of hair are chosen to be colored, then processed in paper, instead of foil.


full highlighting single color  $185+

full highlighting with two colors  $195+

full highlighting with three or more colors $205+

Partial Highlighting*

Paper highlighting to half of a head including hairline and parting. Can also emulate the beautiful effects of sunshine without the harmful rays.

partial highlighting single color  $145+

partial highlighting with two colors   $155+

partial highlighting with three or more colors   $165+

Highlight Express* single color $185+

Two master colorists work together to complete a full highlight in half the time - color processes evenly. A Full Highlight Express can take less than 30 minutes at no additional charge. Request an EXPRESS!

Please call to schedule an appointment; online booking not available.


*Applied with recycled, biodegradable paper, instead of foils for best healthy results.

Headband Highlights* ​single color $95+
Rembrandting* Multi-tones​ $200+

Three customized shades of color are used to highlight hair. Subtle weaves or dramatic slices of color are discussed and decided at the client /colorist consultation.

Double Process + Toner​ $160

Includes protein hair lightener to lighten color pigment to a desired shade, then a customized toner is applied for a pure beautiful tone. Requires monthly maintenance.

Demi /Semi Permanent Color* ​$90

Includes non-peroxide five week color. Natural botanicals or non-ammonia hair color that does not change the natural hair pigment.

Botanical Repair 3-Step Hair Treatment - added to color $30

Added to color formula or a stand-alone hair treatment - seals, hydrates and further enhances hair color.

Men's Grey Blending $35

A 95% naturally derived formula that keeps hair looking healthy and very natural. Your hair colorist blends away some of the grey right in the shampoo bowl - all done in 5 minutes, a total 15 minute service!

Corrective Hair Color* - Estimate on Request

A Personalized Haircut and Blow-dry is offered at an additional cost. Please call to schedule a consultation or an appointment; online booking not available. 


Eyelash and Brow Tinting

Eyelashes and brows are tinted with a semi-permanent color that is safe, effective and lasts up to a month. We use state board approved brands and offer a variety of shades. Contact lenses must be removed prior to the lash tint service.

Brow Tinting   $25

Lash Tinting  $40

Brow and Lash Tinting at the same visit  $50

* Additional Color Charges:

When additional time and products are needed because of extra length and hair porosity, there will be additional charges which will be discussed at the consultation.

Patch Test Requirement:

Any client requesting a permanent hair color service where color is applied to the scalp must visit the salon 24 hours before initial application for a simple patch test. Required to prevent allergic reactions to hair color.

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