Glossy Color

Let your hair glow and shine with Aveda's new "DEMI" Gloss hair color. Subtle or bold shades of your favorite hair color hue is today's modern and new look for shiny hair this season. Also, the richness of multi-dimensional hair color is ever so chic as your colorist blends similar hues to give you a fresh new look. Call today for an expert hair color consultation. 

It's All About Texture

Get that piecey textured look using Aveda's bestselling "Texture Tonic" spray-on styling aid. So easy to use at home to get that modern, effortless look! Stop by today and we'll show you how it's used.


Touch Up & Go

Before you step out the door from our salon or spa...enjoy a quick complimentary make up "touch up" that includes a lip glaze, a bit of blush, and a fresh application of Aveda's mosscara...a little something to complete your visit just for you! It's happening NOW... enjoy on your next visit!!



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