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Massage Series - Buy 5 and get 6th free!! Can do a Facial Series too!!

Purchase 5 Massages and receive the 6th massage free!

Series not only saves money... also helps to keep you consistently improving your circulation, helps to get a good night's sleep, helps blood flow to strained areas, and improves work-outs and longevity. Overall, makes you feel great! Call for details! Makes for a great gift!

DC Swedish Relaxing Massage 25 min $ 70; ​50 min $105 80 min $150

Soothes and tones the body allowing a sense of mental tranquility. Completely relaxes your body through rhythmic strokes using therapeutic essential oils to deeply penetrate the skin and muscles. Enhances lymphatic drainage and the removal of metabolic waste, restoring balance to the body leaving you feeling refreshed and tension-free. Add organic coconut rub to massage $15.

Chakra Balancing Massage 50 min $130; 80 min $180

Focuses on the seven chakra centers in the body using a variety of massage techniques, including deep tissue, foot reflexology, and energy work. This massage helps enhance the benefits of stress-relief, decreased muscular tension and increased energy.

DC Therapeutic Deep Tissue ​50 min $115; 80 min $165

An invigorating deep tissue massage that flushes muscles of accumulated toxins, alleviates stiffness and stimulates circulation to replenish your muscles and skin with oxygen rich nutrients. Ideal for anyone that desires a very firm and deep massage.

Sports ​50 min $125; 80 min $180

A massage for specific muscular needs. Specifically addresses the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle tissue produced from regular exercise. A deep penetrating massage focusing on relieving sore contracted muscles, improving flexibility and reducing physical and mental tension.  Recommended in a series of six for best results.

Hot Stone Therapy 50 min $145; 80 min $200

Combines Swedish massage techniques with the placement of heated and cooled stones on specific locations of the body to promote deeper relaxation, release tension and ease sore muscles. 

Stress-Fix Body Massage 50 min $125; $80 min $165

Helps to reduce feelings of stress, the Stress-Fix aroma with lavender and clary sage is incoporated into the body massage combining Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques with foot reflexology, acupressure points to calm and rejuvenate.

Prenatal or Postpartum* 25 min $80; 50 min $130; 80 min $180

This massage provides comfort and relaxation for the expectant mother. Before the new arrival, experience a special massage focusing on hip and back pain. Also relieves leg cramping and increases circulation. After the new arrival, let all tensions dissipate with every soothing stroke of our postpartum massage. Relax at this special time when your body needs extra care and nurturing.


*Doctor's notification and written approval required.*

Target Massage 25 min $70

Customized massage with intensive work on one area of focus. 

Spa Chair / Body Break 20 min $50

A chair massage designed for people who spend a lot of time on the phone, computer or just plain sitting. A fully clothed massage of neck, shoulders, back and arms to reduce stress making you feel completely refreshed.

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