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Providing a unique specialized salon and spa experience for each DC client focusing on their optimum beauty and wellness is one of DC's founding principles. Each employee of the DC team has a special talent, whether young or seasoned, that makes dc a very special work experience for all employees. We seek like-minded individuals who share a passion for high style, quality cutting edge techniques, wellness, natural products and environmental awareness.


We have many positions within the DC family for you to share your talent as well as experience a friendly, rewarding place to work. Some of the positions are as follows:


  •     Hair Stylist

  •     Hair Colorist

  •     Assistant Stylist

  •     Salon Coordinator

  •     Salon Management

  •     Aesthetician

  •     Massage Therapist

  •     Nail Technician

  •     Make Up Artist


Daryl Christopher Offers ADVANCED EDUCATION by our industry's leading, world known educators. Work with the finest all natural products in a pure, clean-air environment.


Outstanding benefits package includes dental insurance, paid holidays and sick days, vacations, 401K & more.


Contact us at to apply or for more information.

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